Hanging onto Karthik from the backseat of his motorcycle, I feel the rhythm of the landscape beneath me. The clay paths are bumpy and unforgiving, threatening to push me over the side. My right arm is fastened onto his tough shoulders while my left hand holds a wooden cricket bat in my lap.

We weave through traffic, moving from the urban sprawl of downtown Coimbatore and out into a small plantation township. Palm trees rise majestically into the sky. The air carries those scents that define the tropics: hot humidity mixing the sweetness of bananas and other harvest with putrid…

By Alex Young (@spread.control) and Shankara Srikantan (@sksrikantan)


  1. Introduction
  2. Concept
  3. ScamCoin Token
  4. Token Sale
  5. Team
  6. Contributors and Acknowledgements


The cryptocurrency world is ripe with fraud. Initial Coin Offerings, meme-coins, and even publicly traded tokens have been subject to highly publicized scams and scandals. While in most spaces, scam decreases as the industry standards improve and evolve, one of the hallmarks of cryptocurrencies is their anonymity and thus sophisticated fraudulent endeavors are highly likely to only continue.

We recognize that the crypto space will always be saturated with such conduct, but we are hopeful about the role crypto will have in both instigating and insuring against its…

Shankara Srikantan

Music, sport, politics.

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